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2018 Honor and Memorial Gifts

Tribute gifts offer a unique opportunity to honor or remember someone who has touched your life. Whether you want to memorialize a loved one or recognize a special life moment, your gift supports the care we provide at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in a meaningful way.

Gifts totaling $1,000 or more in 2018 were received:

Gifts in memory of...

Jane H. Algiers
Abigail Elizabeth Anderson
Jeffrey Anthony
Paul Behnke
Nathan Lukas Belter
Gloria Bergman
Dennis Bersch
Maggie Bersch
Grace Bird
Ronald Blanke
Patricia Brown
Sharyn Buhl
Shirley A. Ceolla
Jonah Duffey
McKenna Frenkel
Kimberly Graham
Bridger Grebe
Essex Grebe
Beverly Gregory
Margaret E. Gresl
Thomas Haakenson
Derek Harms
Christa Havens-Molfetto
Thomas C. Hayter
JoAnn Holtz
Noah Hudziak
Christine Therese Johnson
Logan Johnson
Kathryn A. Joys
Michael Kalldin
Ann Kobs
Oscar and Kelly Kraft
Carrol Krumenacher
Rebecca Marie Kuzel
Kaylee Jay LaBarber
Peter M. Laper
Julie Lathrop
Ian and Connor Leitzke
Adam Lemel
Eric James Lough
Alexis Mahler
Megan McCormick
Michael J. Mech
Maliyah Monacelli
Matthew Moser
Carl Niemiec
Tessa Nowakowski
Joey O'Brien
Gail Oestreich
M.G. Oettinger
Thomas and Robert Parenteau
Andrew J. Phillips
Parker Pollack
Edie Quimby
Thomas Matthew Rector
Ryan Refinski
Katie Romenesko
Jennifer Sawasky
Jane Schiferl
Theo Schlicht
Robert O. Schlytter and Marion C. Schlytter
Christopher Schraufnagel
Maggie Schumann
Ralph Schwister
Iyla Shacklady
Tanner Sullivan
Jake and Lauren Szeflinski
Rachel Lynne Twining
Mason Tyczkowski
Marie Z. Uihlein
Nicole Christine Veenhuis
Robert P. Villwock
Carla May Werner
Virginia Wiist
Kathy Willis
Tim Wolfe
Madeline Rose Wotachek
Joshua Yaccarino

Gifts in honor of...

Employees of Badger Liquor Company
Luka Braovac
Heidi Connolly
Charlie Cycz
Celeste Desai
Luke Downing
Heather Dreske
Leah Ellwanger
Vivianna Fazzari
Meredith Ford
Matthew Gangl
Carly Haenel
Ann Hammes
Jon and Ann Hammes
Kate Hammes
Dr. Kurt Hecox
HFM Packaging Clients & Business Associates
Lucas and Nolan Jasperson
Maryanne Kessel
Bernard Kubale
Ian Lang
Owen Levandowski
Kevin Mansell
Dr. David Margolis
Kendall McNamara
Jack Meuler
Carson Molle
Hannah Nelson
Kevin and Cyndi O'Brien
Violet Peekenschneider
Aubrey Quick
The Reed Family
Greg Renz
John and Henry Roder
Sophia Roehl
Laura Rozmarynoski
Dr. Franklin Ruiz
Gavin Schroeder
Bryce Schueller
Chris and Ann Hengel Seeger
Madison Tadych
J. Channing Tassone, M.D.
Ottillia L. Tryba
Sloane Weinrich
Karlee and Finnlee Wisnefske
Graham R. Wycklendt

Gifts on behalf of...

None available

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