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Katja Kovacic, MD, gastroenterologist at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin
Patient Stories Jun 17, 2019

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin pioneers “shocking” new treatment for chronic stomach pain

Katie Lott Writer

For kids suffering with chronic stomach pain, a non-medical treatment pioneered at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin offers hope.

Small baby in mother
Patient Stories Jun 13, 2019

How being a treatment foster mom changed my life

Cait Hendrickson Foster Mother

A mother reflects on the love, challenges and sense of purpose that treatment foster care has given her.

Racine School and Children
Patient Stories Jun 13, 2019

Advocating for better mental health care in schools

Tracy Oerter, MS Director

Our director of mental and behavioral health recently shared kids’ success stories with legislators in Madison in support of Assembly Bill 192.

Briggs & Al
Videos Jun 12, 2019

PODCAST: The history and impact of Briggs & Al’s Run & Walk

Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Media Relations

Peggy Troy sat down with the Marquette in Milwaukee podcast to discuss Briggs & Al's Run & Walk.

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