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Your donation can help kids just like Logan

Days before 8-year-old Logan became sick, he asked his mom what his purpose was. Watch our video and help answer that question for Logan and his family.

Your investment in Children's is critical in helping us serve every child and family, and has the potential to impact countless lives. Your support helps fund our programs, from research and critical care for the sickest kids and babies, to community initiatives designed to keep kids healthy.

Remarkable stories of courage, hope and healing unfold at Children's every day. Here are a few of them.

Ashley's battle with cancer
Shortly after school ended for the year, Ashley was diagnosed with T-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma. Read her story.

Avaya's story
Avaya was a healthy 3-year-old when she got what seemed to be a cold in January of 2018. Read her story.

Identical surgeries
Two friends go through identical surgeries on the same day. Read their story.

Kids in crisis
Addressing the mental health needs of our kids. Read the story.

Leksi's story
Even as an infant, Leksi was frequently sick with respiratory infections, stomach pain and vomiting. Read her story.

Mae's open-heart surgery
When Emily and Brian were 20 weeks pregnant with their daughter Mae, they discovered she had congenital heart defects. Read her story.

When you look at 13-year-old Paige, you would never guess that she's already been through three heart surgeries and extensive follow-up care. Read her story.

The Nachman family
Mother and son undergo surgery together. Read their story.

Owen and his elephant
Owen had to have an endoscopy and tongue clip at Children's. His buddy, Elephant, had a rip in his back. Read their story.

Paralympic challengers
Former cancer patients compete in 2016 Paralympic Games. Read their story.

The Roehlings
When Chloe was one year old, she experienced a stroke and was rushed to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. Watch the video.

The Salcherts
A Sheboygan family has accepted their calling to provide critical care to kids who need it the most. Read their story.

Therapy Dog Program
Cheeto visits patients in our Neurosciences Center. Watch the video.

Will's story
In April of 2016, Kristy was on a business trip in China when her husband, Jason, called to let her know that their son Will was sick. He had taken Will, then 12 years old, to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin’s Emergency Department because of swelling in his stomach and legs. Read his story.

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