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Child in Xray
Tips Jan 03, 2018

When a child needs an X-ray, CT scan, MRI or ultrasound, pediatric specialization matters

Kevin Boyd, DO Radiologist

At Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, we talk a lot about our commitment to children, how we’re “100 percent dedicated to caring for kids and teens.” This promise takes many forms, but one Related posts:Fetal imaging and the importance of early

Pregnant woman in bed
Tips Nov 27, 2017

Fetal imaging and the importance of early diagnosis

Kevin Boyd, DO Radiologist

Nobody who is expecting a baby ever expects a prenatal diagnosis. When an expectant mom goes from elated to extremely worried, fetal imaging specialists, who are part of the team in the Fetal Concerns Center at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, help provide the information parents desperately want and need.

Kid Playing In Snow
Videos Dec 09, 2016

What precautions can parents take to keep kids safe this winter?

David Gregg, MD Medical Director

It’s winter in Wisconsin, so you know what that means: snow, snow and more snow. With that snow comes all sorts of fun — but potentially dangerous — activities.

Boy being scanned by nurse
News Oct 21, 2015

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin recognized as elite imaging center

David Gregg, MD Medical Director

We’ve always taken great pride here at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in the quality of our imaging services; from our experienced, specially trained team of pediatric radiologists, nurses and technologists.

Doctor with Girl
Tips Aug 21, 2015

Infographic: Radiation exposure during your child’s imaging exam

Linda Flannery, RN, BSN Diagnostic Nurse Manager

At Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, we are 100 percent dedicated to caring for kids and teens. That means we give them treatment meant specifically for them and their developing bodies.

Nurse and child MRI
Tips Mar 25, 2015

5 questions to ask if your child needs an imaging exam

Tejaswini Deshmukh, MD Radiologist

You may have noticed increased public awareness of radiation risks and efforts to reduce radiation exposure in medical imaging — especially in children.

Child Imaging Exam
Tips May 12, 2014

Your child’s imaging exam: Offering choices from start to finish

Linda Flannery, RN, BSN Diagnostic Nurse Manager

Coming to the hospital for an imaging exam can be a scary experience for a child. It can also be overwhelming for parents and family members who may not know what to expect.

Medical Imaging
Tips Apr 01, 2014

Imaging gently: One size does not fit all

Joe Ackerman Manager

When a child is undergoing medical imaging, the primary focus for families should be on diagnosing and fixing the problem at hand, not worrying about outside issues like how much radiation exposure their child is exposed to.