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Jan. 1, we transitioned from multiple food service providers to one provider. The changes we saw this month were just the first in our journey to a better nutritional services program. In the long term, we believe Sodexo, the single source provider we’ve chosen, will offer many improvements for employees, patients and families. Since the transition, leaders have received a lot of valuable feedback. As with any major transition, not everything has gone as smoothly as we planned. We continue to work on it every day and are listening to the feedback we’re receiving. Thanks to your input, we have identified issues and have implemented a number of changes related to food quality, healthy choices, staffing and more to increase customer satisfaction. We also are meeting with our wellness leaders to see how we can best meet everyone's needs.

“Change can be difficult,” said Marc Gorelick, MD, chief operating officer and executive vice president, Children’s. “We know that so many of our teams are personally invested in the quality of our Nutrition Services operation. We appreciate all the feedback we’ve received and encourage everyone to be patient and stay at curious. More changes and improvements are coming as we move through this transition.”

Some of the changes made already include:
Third shift hot entrée location – Hot entrees during the overnight shift were placed at the grill station for operations efficiency. However, feedback and evaluation showed that the placement of the entrées wasn’t obvious and staff didn’t realize hot entrees were available. They have been moved back to the primary entrée station.
Staffing – Current food service staffing levels are not where they need to be, and we are working hard to fill unexpected vacancies. We have new staff starting this week.
Menus and signs – We are increasing the amount of signs and customer service interactions to improve efficiency and flow. Menus will be reposted to the public website and intranet and sent to nursing leadership as necessary.

You can read more about the feedback and improvements here

Please continue to share your feedback by sending an email to In the spirit of our values of Integrity and Collaboration, together we’ll continue to evolve and improve food service operations.

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