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New security door being installed at Milwaukee campus

Over one year ago, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin began an 80-step safety enhancement plan to elevate the safety and security of our hospital. We are quickly approaching the final step of this plan: the installation of a locked door on the lower level of Children’s, south of the cafeteria.

This new door represents the lower level “entrance” to Children’s, and will serve as the boundary between Children’s and Froedtert Hospital. Beginning at 5 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 1, this door will be locked 24/7 and will be badge-only access. Current employee and provider badges will provide access.

For those without badges, like patients and families, an intercom will be installed on the Froedtert side of the door and will be answered by Children’s security. All staff should be cautious of “tailgaters”. Tailgating is when a person with legitimate access opens and walks through a door, and a person without access also walks through. At this new door, it is expected that staff will look for people who are being managed by security via the intercom, and if they attempt to walk through the open door without security’s acknowledgement, will instruct those people to remain at the intercom to receive permission to enter.

In addition to the installation of the door, all visitors to the Froedtert Birth Center will be vetted by the Children’s Welcome Center staff and must receive permission to enter the building.

“These two changes to our security will result in a safer environment inside Children’s Hospital,” says Mike Thiel, Director of Security. “It is part of our core values of Purpose and Integrity to ensure the kids of Children’s receive the absolute best and safest care and we will continue to work on safety enhancements to provide the safest possible environment."

For questions or concerns regarding the new door or birth center visitor policy, contact Mike at 414.266.3558.

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