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Hundreds of students complete health care-related educational placements at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin each year as part of their degree programs. These pages are meant to be a resource for students and related faculty.

Intended Audience

Students who complete an education placement at Children's Hospital must be from a school that has met these requirements:

  • Affiliation Agreement is in place, recognizing the school as an institution that can place students at Children's Hospital. This agreement is renewed every three years.
  • Program Agreement is in place (for example: Respiratory Therapy) recognizing the discipline in which the student seeks to achieve competence as part of his/her degree program. This agreement is renewed annually.

More Information

If you are not a student or faculty member from a currently affiliated school and accepted healthcare-specific program, but are interested in placement at Children's Hospital as part of your degree program, contact the hospital specialty most closely associated with your area of study, and determine whether or not that discipline would be interested and able to take students from your school/program.

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