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Consultation and liaison services

Consultation and liaison services are services that focus on health psychiatry and psychology. Specifically, these services focus on the psychological or psychiatric, behavioral and psychosocial issues that are associated with chronic or severe medical conditions. Consultation typically involves a number of steps, including psychiatric and behavioral assessments, ongoing treatment and consultations with parents.

Presenting problems may include:

  • Physical and mental trauma
  • Questions about medication used to treat psychiatric conditions
  • Difficulty adhering to treatments for severe or chronic conditions
  • Patient and family adjustment to diagnosis or injury
  • Disruptive behavior
  • Assessment and treatment of psychological disorders
  • Anxiety and resistance with medical procedures
  • Preparation and follow-up related to transplant procedures
Inpatient behavioral consultation and liaison often will include chart review, discussions with staff and physicians, documentation, coordination of referrals and direct clinical services with patients and families (both initial consultation and follow-up services during and after the admission). Ongoing liaison work with a variety of staff members may include attendance at regular staff meetings and care conferences.
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