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Pediatric Heart Surgery - A ready reference for professionals

Following are selections from Pediatric Heart Surgery - A ready reference for professionals by L. Eliot May, PA-C, director, Cardiovascular Surgery Physician Assistants, Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.

The goal of this book is to provide caregivers with a simple, easy to understand reference that makes it possible to quickly review the basic anatomy, pathophysiology, surgical techniques and postoperative considerations for many common congenital defects.

This material is copyrighted by the publisher, Maxishare, and unauthorized reproduction is prohibited. All rights reserved. To purchase the book, visit, or contact Maxishare, PO Box 2041, Milwaukee, WI 53201, (800) 444-7747.

Table of contents

About Elliot May

Eliot May has worked as a physician assistant at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin since May 1985. He has assisted in thousands of surgical procedures on patients with congenital heart disease and has participated in all areas of care for these patients including preoperative evaluation, intraoperative repair and postoperative care.

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