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Caring for children with abdominal migraines

Learn how our Gastroenterology, Liver and Nutrition Program cares for children with abdominal migraines.

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Our approach to abdominal migraines

The Pediatric Neurogastroenterology, Motility and Autonomic Disorders Program at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin is one of only a few centers in the country that offers treatment for children with long-lasting functional abdominal pain disorders, including abdominal migraines. Our combination of multidisciplinary experts, deep expertise in rare disorders and commitment to research ensures your child will get the best care.

Abdominal migraines services we offer

Whether you’re looking for a diagnosis or a new approach to managing your child’s abdominal migraine pain, Children’s Hospital can help. Our services include:

Diagnosing and treating abdominal migraines

The doctor will first want to rule out other potential causes of your child’s pain, and he or she might use abdominal ultrasound or endoscopy. The doctor will also evaluate your child’s medical history to determine the diagnosis. Abdominal migraines usually follow a stereotypical pattern of attacks with a complete resolution of symptoms between the migraines.

Treatment could include anti-migraine medication, cognitive behavioral therapy to help manage chronic pain or reduce stress that could trigger a migraine, and acupuncture.

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