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ACHD webinar series

We’re proud to offer a free educational webinar series, "The Beat Goes On," for adults living with a congenital heart defect. This webinar series is brought to you by the Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program within the Herma Heart Institute. Our ACHD program is one of only a few programs of its kind in the nation, and the largest program in the state of Wisconsin. 

Our next upcoming webinar: 

Our next webinar is Find the beat: abnormal heart rhythms for adults with congenital heart disease with Joshua Kovach, MD on Tuesday, September 17 at 12 p.m. CDT.

How to register:

Register for your spot here. 

View our past webinars: 

You can view recordings of our past webinars here:

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Interested in more ACHD topics?

The Adult Congenital Heart Association (ACHA) also hosts monthly webinars on a range of specific CHD conditions and defects and how they impact daily life. These webinars are presented by leading experts and advocates and cover a range of interesting, diverse and timely topics. Click here to access their webinars.