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Apples for Kids proceeds fund life-saving school program

Applebee's supports Project ADAM’s 100 lives saved

mariaMaria Acevedo, a Milwaukee Public Schools student, suffered a cardiac arrest at age ten while she was in class. Her teacher saved her life by using a nearby automated external defibrillator (AED) placed in her school by Children's Hospital's Project ADAM. Now an MPS senior, Maria is heading to college soon and plans on becoming a cardiologist.

Maria is one of the many whose lives were saved by Project ADAM, a program that places AEDs in schools throughout the nation and trains students and staff on how to use them. The Lemel family—together with the help of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin—was inspired to create the project following the cardiac arrest and sudden death of their son Adam. Now partnered with hundreds of school systems, Project ADAM recently celebrated the 100th life saved through the project’s efforts.

ApplebeesApplebee's, an active supporter of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, has donated nearly $1.5 million to the critical services we provide, including nearly $100,000 in funds raised for Project ADAM in 2015. The Apples for Kids campaign returns next month to continue supporting the project’s success.

Stop in to your local Applebee's location from June 16 – July 17 to contribute to Project ADAM—for every apple purchased, Applebee's will donate $1 to support Project ADAM’s efforts.

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100 lives saved


Maria is featured in a Fox 6 story that covers Project ADAM and the role that organization has played in saving 100 lives. Watch the video now.

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