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Endowed named funds

Philanthropic donors wishing to create significant impact in particular program areas may establish an endowed named fund. Endowed funds are invested in perpetuity and generate income that is used annually to support the specific purpose of each fund. These funds create a lasting impact on the specified programs and services of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

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Endowed named funds

The Abbott Fund for Epilepsy
The Abraham Family Fund
The Accunet Mortgage Fund for School-Based Health Centers
The Joyce Achtenhagen Endowed Fund
The Administrative Staff Open Door Fund
The Kayleigh Ali's Vascular Anomalies Research Fund
The Altschaefl Family Fund
The John and Cindy Amato Fund
The J. Philip Ambuel Fund for Child Abuse Prevention
The Harry A. Apple Family Fund for Children at Risk
The Applebee's Children's Fund
The Gordon and Jean Armbruster Family Fund for Children
The Eric Andrew Austermann Endowment for Gastroenterology
The Austin Family Fund for Child Abuse Prevention
The Bando Family Fund for Child Abuse Prevention
The Raymond J. Battaglia Fund for Vascular Anomalies
The Chadwick John Baumann Brain Tumor Program Fund
The Beat Goes On Fund
The Cooper Beaupre Trust
The Howard and Marie Becker Fund for Neonatal Intensive Care Equipment
The Benjamin's Research Fund: Neurofibromatosis and Near InfraRed Light
The Bentley Children's Fund to Benefit the Children's Health Education Center
The Bentzien and Brusa Family Fund for Children's Care
The Jessica Erin Berry Pediatric Cardiology Fund
The David & Ann Beste Pediatric Otolaryngology Resident & Fellow Research Fund
The Birkenstock Health Education Fund
The Alvin and Marion Birnschein Nursing Education Fund
The Birth Defects Research Center Endowment Fund
The Christopher Blaesing Fund for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
The Christopher D. Boerke Fund for Special Needs Children
The Peter Borisch Fund for Adolescent Medicine
The Louise and Jack Boyle Family Fund for Neuro Intensive Care
The Matthew Brown Rehabilitative Services Fund
The Ben and Peg Bugbee Fund for Children's Health
The Abigail Bunzel Memorial Fund for The Herma Heart Center
The Janet B. Cady Fund for Leadership and Innovation
The Logan Dean Carlson Fund
The Steve and Cheri Cary Juvenile Diabetes Research Endowment Fund
The Del Chambers Fund for Childhood Cancer
The Charity Care Endowment Fund
The Joseph J. Charles Fund in Support of Enterprise Performance Management
The Jane A Chevako Hospice and Palliative Care Fund
The Children's Hospital and Health System Foundation Directors' Fund
The Children's Hospital and Health System Research Lectureship Endowment Fund
The Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Foundation Planned Giving Council Endowed Fund
The Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Pediatric Residency Endowment for the Dental Center
The Children's Sexual Abuse Prevention Fund
The Christofferson Family Fund for Hospice Care
The James and Martha Clark Heart Fund
The Catherine Cleary Endowed Fund
The Van and Bocky Coddington Fund for Emergency Medicine
The Sidney Cohen Fund
The Gerry and Heidi Connolly Family Professorship for Sickle Cell Diseases
The Cousins Subs Child Abuse Care Fund
The James Crawford Family Fund
The Judith and Francis Croak Fund
The Cuene Family HIV Program Fund
The Curt and Sue Culver Fund for Childhood Cancer
The Jim Czosnek Heart Fund
The Daily Family Fund
The Mara and Russ Darrow Family Fund
The Charlie Dearholt Fund
The Direct Supply, Inc. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Fund
The Barri and David J. Drury Family Fund for Genetic Research
The Dunigan Family Fund
The Erna L. and Joseph C. Eckerle Endowed Fund
The Estelle Ehlert Child Life Endowed Fund
The Emma Einhorn Fund for Cancer Care Nurses
The William F. Eisner, Sr. Children's Art Fund
The Ellison Transport Program Fund
The Endowment for Pediatric Research
The Esther Erickson Endowed Fund for the Palliative Care Program
The Katie Falk Family Fund for Adolescent Psychiatry
The Mary M. Farago Fund for Orthopedic Care
The Bill and Julie Felsing Fund in Memory of Jamieson Felsing
The Jordan Fink, M.D. Lectureship Fund
The Anton Flach-Bongiorno Glanzmann's Research Fund
The Flowers Family Fund
The Jeanne Foley General Endowment Fund
The Foley & Lardner Heritage Fund
The Jack Foster Epilepsy Foundation
The Drs. Michele and Peter Frommelt Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship Fund
The James H. Fuchs Endowment Fund
The June Fykse Neonatal Fund
The Dr. William J. Gallen Lecture Fund
The Tom and Nancy Gazzana Children's Health & Social Services Fund
The Gebhard Family Fund for Hematology, Oncology and BMT
The John C. Geilfuss Pediatric Neurology Fund
The Dr. Marvin Glicklich Annual Lectureship Series in Surgery
The Marvin and Diann Glicklich Pediatric Surgical Research & Education Endowed Fund
The Margaret and Kenneth Gotz Endowed Fund for Cancer Research
The Peggy Grebe Fund for Child Abuse Prevention
The Michael Kent Groth Fund for Critical Care Physicians
The Gutzeit Family Fund for Children with Special Health Care Needs
The Kathleen Ann Haertle Fund for Pain Management Research
The Hamacher Pharmacy Fund
The Garrett Hamm Bone Marrow Fund
The Hansen Wiegand Family Fund for Translational Research
The Happ Family Fund
The Anne Barker Hardy Fund for Cystic Fibrosis
The Leesley (Buzz) & Jim Hardy Memorial Lectureship in Mental Health
The Harley-Davidson Fund for Inner City Services
The Shane Locke Hasbrook Fund
The Jay Hashek Memorial Fund for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
The Melissa Lynne Heeg Heart Fund
The MiraCole Bash / Cole Hefty Fund
The HELP Fund (Hospital Employee Fund)
The Herma Heart Innovation Endowed Fund
The Herma Heart Center Endowment Fund
The Janice Herma Cardiac Research Fund
The Tricia Heston Endowment for Child Abuse Prevention
The William A. and Jeanette Mary Heth Endowed Fund for Pediatric Cancer Research
The Dr. Norman Hodgson Urology Education Fund
The Audrey Hohenwalter Endowment Fund
The Madeleine McKeown Hoy Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Fund
The Viktor and Olga Hraska Endowed Fund
The Autumn Grace Hughes Fund
The Bart M. Huige Comfort Fund
The Charles and Eugenia Jacobus Fund for Cancer Care
The Rebecca Jayne Memorial Lecture Fund
The Diane and Robert Jenkins Family Fund for Palliative Care
The Elsie Jenquine Fund
The Jay and Holly Jensen Family Fund for Children
The Bergeda and Kenneth Johannes Endowed Fund for Pediatric Surgery
The Charlotte Promersberger Johnston Endowed Genetics Research Fund
The Charlotte Promersberger Johnston Endowed Lectureship in Genetics
The Just A Little Faith Foundation
The Gerald J. and Rosalie E. Kahn Fund for Rehabilitative Services
The Kaltenbach Fund for Pediatric Surgery
The George and Alex Kao Fund
The Dr. Bruce A. Kaufman Pediatric Neurosurgery Fund
The "Chase's Gift", Chase Kelly Memorial Fund
The Kersten/Rusch Family Fund for Pediatric Research
"the kids thank you"
The Marlene Colwell King Early Childhood Development Fund for Child Abuse Prevention
The Kini Family Endowed Fund for Emergency Medicine
The Kliegman Labrys Fund for Cancer Research
The Harry E. Koepke Endowed Benefit Fund
The Mabel E. Koepke Endowed Benefit Fund
The Dr. Elaine Kohler Fund for Critical Care Medicine
The Kohl's Cares for Kids Child Life Fund
The Michael Carl Kovnar Memorial Annual Lectureship Fund
The Oscar and Carolyn Kraft NICU and Family Services Fund
The Kramer Memorial Pediatric Anesthesiology Fellowship Fund
The Krizek Family Gold in September (G9) Fund for Cancer Research
The Ron and Marjorie Krizek Fund for Diabetes Research
The Alexander T. Kroll Memorial Fund
The Tom and Nina Krukowski Fund for Juvenile Diabetes
The Bernard and Mary Kubale Family Support Fund
The Bernard Kubale Fund for Cancer and Blood Disorders
The Cynthia and James Kubinski Family Fund for the Cancer Care Program
The Celia M. and Michael Kutil Fund for Child Life
The Rebecca Marie Kuzel R & D Fund
The Billy Lagerstrom Memorial Fund
The LAMBS Fund
The Rochelle Lamm Pain Management Fund
The Landry Family School Intervention Fund
The Lucile and Lynford Lardner Fund for Nursing Advancement
The Julie Lathrop Nursing Research Fund
The Mary Ann and Deborah Ann Lensby Fund
The Robert and Rita Lewenauer Family Fund
The David Lewis Memorial Fund
The Litwin Family Fund for Children at Risk
The Love for Logan Fund
The Mark Lyday Child Advocacy Fund
The Timothy J. Mahler Fund for Cardiology
The Marcdante Medical Education Fund
The Marek/Loper Family Endowment for Esophageal and Tracheal Related Diseases
The Marriott Family Fund
The Collin, Ethen and Brandi Mathias Fund for Cochlear Implant Program
The Alexis Rose Mathison-Szozda (A.R.M.S.) Memorial Fund
The Matson Family Fund
The McCardle Family Fund
The McGeoch Ophthalmology Fund
The Meier Family Endowed Fund for Seizure Disorders
The Mellowes Family Fund for Pediatric Research
The Robert J. and Charlotte Miller Fund for Special Needs Children
The Wm. E. and Iris A. Miller Medical Research Fund
The Larry and Judy Moon Fund for Palliative Care
The Moore Oil Company Foundation
The Alnora C. Mosley Fund for Children
The Michael P. Mundschau Memorial Fund
The Munson Family Fund
The Nevins Family Foundation Fund for Children at Risk
The Nickolett Family Fund for Childhood Rheumatic Diseases
The Noyes Family Fund
The Joey O'Brien Memorial
The Keith T. Oldham Pediatric Surgery Faculty & Alumni Fund
The "G" Man Olsen Fund
The Finley Rae Olson Fund
The Alice Bronn O'Malley Fund to Benefit Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
The Osborn Family Endowed Fund for HOT Services Clinic
The Oshkosh B'Gosh Fox Valley Charity Care Fund
The Jack Palmen Fund
The Alyssa Ann Pape Endowment Fund
The Parenting Newsletter Fund for Child Abuse Prevention
The Pediatric Faculty Endowment Fund
The Pediatric Faculty Research Fund
The Harry and Marilyn Pelz Family Fund for HIV Care
The Clarence and Vivian Pendleton Fund for Children's
The Michael and Kate Pepke Children's Health and Social Services Fund
The Dr. Archebald R. Pequet Lectureship Fund
The Kevin and Sharon Peters Family Heart Fund
The Petersen Family Fund for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
The Dr. J.C. Peterson Fund for Primary Care Education and Research
The Pettit Pain Center Fund
The Physician Advancement Fund
The Physician Community Care Fund
The Taylor Lynn Poirier Fund
The Larry and Bobbi Polacheck Fund for Community Service
The Ed and Betty Pope Fund for Child Protection
The Precia Family Fund
The T.J. Price Fund for Birth Defects Research
The Project ADAM Endowment Fund
The Providers Fund for Critical Care Advancement
The Jack Puelicher Memorial Asthma/Allergy Fund
The Joel and Caran Quadracci Fund
The Radiology Research and Education Fund
The Larry and Kathi Rambo Fund for Health Education and Research
The Jackson Reese Memorial Fund
The Ryan Refinski Immunology Fund
The Mary Ann and Greg Renz Fund for the Protection of Children
The Sheila M. Reynolds and Robert S. Chang Community Services Fund
The Tom B. Rice Lectureship for Critical Care
The Maureen Rich Lectureship Fund
The Maxwell Z. Richardson Endowment Fund
The John and Bobbi Rosenberg Fund for Childhood Cancer
The Jay and Tracy Rothman Family Fund for Children
The Scott and Peggy Sampson Family Fund
The Larrie Sarff, MD Infectious Disease Fund
The Katie Sartori Fund for Hematology/Oncology/Bone Marrow Transplant
The Jamie, Katie, Kiki and Jenny Sawasky Fund for Chronically Ill Children
The Scheffer Family Innovative Treatments in Pediatric Psychiatry Fund
The Albert and Shirley Schmidt Fund for Research & Patient Care in Diabetes
The Henry Schoelkopf Library Fund
The Audrey H. and Roger A. Schultz Neonatal Program Fund
The Anne Douglas Seaman Fund for Community and Professional Education
The Richard Seaman Family Psychotherapy Research Fund
The SECURA Fox Valley Children's Hospital Fund
The Selig Family Fund for Child Abuse Prevention
The Selig Family Marketing Support for Child Abuse Prevention
The Shiely Family Fund for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Research
The Dr. George Simons Pediatric Orthopedic Fund
The William Skurzewski, Jr. Heart/Lung Transplant Fund
The Dr. Catherine M. Slota-Varma Family Fund
The Smallwood Family Fund for Preschool Child Abuse Prevention
The Pamela C. Smith - Joy of Children Creativity/Art Education Fund
The Daniel M. Soref Endowment Fund for the Support of the Daniel M. Soref Family Resource Center
The Dakota Dale Sorenson Memorial Fund for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Research and Support
The Spence Family Fund for Rheumatology
The Karen Spindler Endowment Fund for Children's Health Education Center Programs
The Norbert J. and Irene E. Spyhalski Endowed Fund for Children
The Nicholas A. Stanek Memorial Fund for Dentistry/Oral Surgery
The Brian Stark and Debra Altshul-Stark Endowment Fund for Asthma Education and Clinical Care
The Stark Family Fund for Child Abuse Prevention
The Staunt-Larson Child Protection Program Fund
The Bert L. and Patricia S. Steigleder Fellowship
The Megan Steinbrenner Pediatric Transplant Program Fund
The William and Rita (Halbur) Steinhilber Fund
The Sol and Rose Steren Cancer Fund
The Frank M. Sterner Family Fund for Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services
The Frank and Elsa Sterner Neonatology Intensive Care Support Fund
The Frank and Elsa Sterner Neonatology Lectureship Fund
The Stephen R. Stilling Fund
The Delphia M. Stippich Family Fund for Children
The Tim and Kay Sullivan Family Fund
The Syburg Family Fund for Health Education
The Thrun Family Fund
The Jeremy Trau Down Syndrome Research & Education Fund
The Megan Martha Tritschler/Keyes Fund for Down Syndrome
The James S. and Sue Ellen Tweddell Fund for Cardiac Research
The Julia and David Uihlein Children's Pain Fund
The Marie Z. Uihlein Surgical Advancement Fund
The Valentine Fund
The Joseph and Margaret VandenHeuvel Fund for Children
The Maurice W. Vandertie and Francis P. Neylon, Jr. Memorial Fund
The Van Handel Family Fund for Pediatric Cardiology
The Kevin and Patricia Van Kampen Health and Social Services Fund
The Jon and Teri Vice Fund for Asthma and Allergy
The Jon E. Vice Children's Research Fund
The Jon and Teri Vice Diabetes Research Fund
The Christine Vitek Bradford Memorial Fund for Pediatric Research
The Dr. Fred J. Vlazny Humanitarian Fund for Pediatric Anesthesiology
The Tony and Joyce Vogel Children's Health Education Center Fund
The Wallace/Ford Endowment Fund
The Brendan Ward Heart Fund
The WARP Fund (Whelan Advanced Research in Photobiomodulation)
The Brandon B. Wedig Memorial Fund
The Frank J. and Rosella E. Wellert Fund for Behavioral Health
The Frank J. and Rosella Wellert Fund for Children with Special Needs
The Chester A. and Lillian E. Wells Fund for Diabetes
The Cassidy Tiana Weyek Memorial Fund
The Sunny and Sandy Williams Fund for Infectious Diseases
The Wings of Angels Endowment Fund
The Wisconsin Energy Fund for Neurology Services
The Nancy Wollenberg Cancer Care Fund
The Larry and Juanita Woodard Children's Health Education Center Fund
The Larry and Juanita Woodard Endowment for Arthritis Research
The Sidney and Marajen Wynn Craniofacial Fund
The Yontz Family Fund for Child Abuse Care
The Zalewski Family Fund for Neurology Care
The Zore Family Fund for Pediatric Hospice
The Mary-Jo Zore Fund for Nursing Professional Development

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