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Celebrate Children’s began as the Emilie Vogel Nunnemacher Luncheon in 1989. Emilie Vogel Nunnemacher was a visionary board member whose gifts of time, leadership and her estate propelled Children’s Hospital forward. Each year, the Nunnemacher Award is given to one donor or family who embody that same passionate spirit of philanthropy. In 2010, the event became an evening reception and two additional philanthropic awards were added; the Legacy Award, which recognizes estate giving, and the Organization Award, which recognizes Children’s corporate and other organization partners. In addition to celebrating the night’s honorees, this annual donor recognition event celebrates Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin’s benefactors and advocates and the many accomplishments they’ve helped to make possible.

2018 Organization Award winner

Harley-Davidson Foundation

Throughout its 115 years, Harley-Davidson has been a cornerstone of the Milwaukee community and has leveraged philanthropy to strengthen our city. Since 1978, the company has invested more than $1 million in corporate and foundation gifts to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, supporting initiatives that directly impact the Near West Side neighborhoods Harley-Davidson calls home. These gifts have advanced our work in child abuse prevention, community health outreach education, and dental services for underserved populations.

Most recently, Harley-Davidson provided significant support to our school nurse and community health navigator programs, which take a coordinated, complementary approach to address the many factors that impact a child’s ability to reach their full potential in the classroom. Nurses and navigators work as partners in underserved neighborhoods in the Near West Side, forming an extended care team with broad impact on kids, families, and their larger community.

Harley-Davidson’s 40-year partnership with Children’s brings real joy to its employees, who love giving back to their community and believe that the best way to be a good neighbor is to build a bright future for our kids.

2018 Legacy Award winner

Joe Lemel

When Joe Lemel experienced every parent’s worst nightmare—the death of his son Adam, age 17, from sudden cardiac arrest on a high-school basketball court—he knew that his life’s work, and Adam’s legacy, would be to make a difference for other families.

In 1999, Joe partnered with Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin to launch Project ADAM (Automated Defibrillators in Adam’s Memory). Sudden cardiac arrest often occurs outside of a hospital setting, and emergency response must take place within 3 minutes for the best chance of survival. On any given day, more than 20 percent of a community’s population is in their schools. That’s why Project ADAM partners with schools to help them acquire AEDs and train on-site staff to respond to a cardiac emergency.

Thanks to Joe’s tireless advocacy, Project ADAM has grown beyond Wisconsin with affiliates in 14 states—and has saved more than 140 lives nationwide. He has also placed Children’s in his estate plan, demonstrating his commitment to sustain Project ADAM beyond his own lifetime.

Previous year's award winners

Emelie Vogel Nunnemacher Award:
Paul and Pat Jones (2017)
Judith and Joseph (posthumously) Masters (2016)
Judy Gardetto (2015)
Ted D. Kellner & Linda T. Mellowes (2014)
Barri L. and David J. Drury (2013)
The Brotz Family (2012)
Patty and John Noel (2011)
Kathi and Larry Rambo (2010)
Mary Ann and Greg Renz (2009)
The Kellner Family (2008)
Dennis and Jean Bauman (2007)
John and Helen Shiely (2006)
S. Bert Litwin, MD (2005)
Roy and Bobbi Reiman (2004)
Pam and Les Muma (2003)
Edward and Diane Zore (2002)
Susan Herma (2001)
Ted and Mary Kellner (2000)
Joan J. Hardy (1999)
Charles D. Jacobus, Sr. (1998)
John H. Handee, Jr. (1997)
Julia A. Uihlein (1996)
Richard Seaman (1995)
Bernard S. Kubale (1994)
Marie Z. Uihlein (1993)
John C. Geilfuss (1992)
Dr. Walter P. Blount (1991)
Dr. Abraham B. Schwartz (1990)
Sophie Y. Schroeder (1989)

Organization Award:
Ladish Company Foundation (2017)
The Marcus Corporation (2016)
Wisconsin Football Coaches Association (2015)
Northwestern Mutual (2014)
The MACC Fund (2013)
Milwaukee Radio Group (2012)
WHG Applebee's (2011)
Kohl's Corporation (2010)
Briggs & Stratton Corporation (2009)

Legacy Award:
Joan J. and Leesley B. (Buzz) (posthumously) Hardy (2017)
Albert and Shirley Schmidt (2016)
Sue Hansen (2015)
Dr. Fredrick & Kay Austermann (2014)
Dave and Marge Hamacher (2012)
Dr. Roger Cohen (2011)
Mabel Koepke (2010)
Harry Koepke (2009)

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