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Owen and Ele

There are a lot of places you can take your child when they are sick or injured. But there’s only one that offers the kind of singular, dedicated focus on kids that you’ll find at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. From the simplest cold to the most complex surgery, we offer the very best care for your child.

A proud mother wanted us to share this special story about her son’s experience at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. It's a great example of the unique way we care for kids.

12801652_1121059377918306_3939192054506096541_nMy son, Owen, had to have an endoscopy and tongue clip at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. His buddy, Elephant, had a rip in his back. Owen brought Ele along because he was sure the doctors could fix his stuffed animal just like they were going to fix him. Owen said this to the nurse as they were getting him prepped. Then, the nurse put a medical bracelet on Ele and the stuffed animal got to ride back to the operating room with Owen! When they called me into recovery, Ele had a bandage and a pulse ox on and the doctor had used surgical sutures to repair Ele's back. This photo is of Owen waking up and being reunited with his BFF and fellow patient. How thankful I am for Dr. Sulman and the care of the amazing team of doctors and nurses!

– submitted by Alex Hunt (Owen's mother)

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Every day children like Owen visit Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. It's through the generous support of people like you that we can continue to provide them with the best care possible. Do your part, donate today! If you would like to speak with someone in the foundation about ways you can help, please call us at (414) 266-6100.

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