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Aspira Pleural Drainage Catheter Procedure
This video is designed to help educate patients and families about the Bard Aspira Pleural Drainage Catheters. The video demonstrates the drainage and dressing change process.

Caring for Newborns with Fever
Learn how to care for a newborn with a fever. Video length: 7:54

Diastat AcuDial
Learn how to give rectal Diastat to stop your child's seizures. Video length: 10 minutes.

How to Use an EpiPen
This video shows the proper use of an EpiPen. Video length: 5:11

Lifesaver Baby (Infant CPR)
This easy to follow video shows you how to do CPR on your baby and what to do if your baby is choking or having trouble breathing. You will have time to practice as you learn. Video length: 15 minutes.

Lifesaver CPR for Infants and Children with a Trach
This video shows you how to do CPR on an infant or child with a tracheostomy. The video includes times to stop and practice. Video length: 7 minutes.

Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) With Holding Chamber
This video shows the proper use and care of an MDI with a holding chamber. Video length: 10:23

Poison, Poison Stay Away!

Poisons are everywhere, and children are often getting into things that can be harmful. This video is aimed at children. It tells them how to avoid contact with poisons in their own houses and yards. Video length: 17 minutes.

Car Seat and Child Passenger Safety
Reviews safe car seat use for babies and children, as well as how to place them in the car. Video length: 34 minutes.

Vomiting and Diarrhea
Learn how to care for a child suffering from vomiting and diarrhea. Video length: 8:50

Period of Purple Crying
Learn more about the period of purple crying. Video length: 11:03

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