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Urgent Care & ER
Dr. Mike Mitchell and Dr. Aoy Tomita-Mitchell of TAI Diagnostics and Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin
Patient Stories Jun 20, 2019

How two Herma Heart Institute doctors changed donor organ rejection testing forever

Evan Solochek Writer

For those with life-saving transplants, rejection is a constant concern that requires regular, invasive testing to protect against. But two doctors have changed all that.

Small baby in mother
Patient Stories Jun 13, 2019

How being a treatment foster mom changed my life

Cait Hendrickson Foster Mother

A mother reflects on the love, challenges and sense of purpose that treatment foster care has given her.

Racine School and Children
Patient Stories Jun 13, 2019

Advocating for better mental health care in schools

Tracy Oerter, MS Director

Our director of mental and behavioral health recently shared kids’ success stories with legislators in Madison in support of Assembly Bill 192.

MRA of Toby
Patient Stories May 29, 2019

How one boy’s ringing in his ears proved to be something far more serious

Evan Solochek Writer

For months after falling and hitting his head during recess, 11-year-old Toby could hear ringing in his ears. But he wasn't the only one.

Nurses with Kendall at Children
Patient Stories May 09, 2019

Nurses playing cards: Setting the record straight

Terra Atkinson Guest Blogger

Being that it’s Nurses Week, and we have had the absolute pleasure, privilege, and honor to work with some amazing nurses, I thought maybe I should do my part to set the record straight about nurses playing cards.

Patient Stories Apr 25, 2019

Wisconsin Hospital Association’s Advocacy Day is a day to make our voices heard

Evan Solochek Writer

On April 17, 2019, more than 1,000 people descended on Madison to meet with lawmakers during the annual Wisconsin Hospital Association’s Advocacy Day.

Cady depression screening main
Patient Stories Apr 22, 2019

Cady’s story: How one teen fought anxiety

Katie Lott Writer

Screening for depression in Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin primary care clinics is helping catch teens’ mental health concerns early.

Patient Stories Apr 09, 2019

Facial recognition and the future of diagnosis

Nicole Sweeney Etter Writer

With a snap of a photo on a smartphone, a new artificial intelligence app is changing the way doctors diagnosis the world's rarest diseases.