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Raynah at the Neurosciences Center at Children
Patient Stories Jan 23, 2020

When a young girl lost the ability to talk, doctors made a shocking discovery

Evan Solochek Writer

One morning, 11-year-old Raynah suddenly lost the ability to move or talk.

Mental and behavioral health depression screening at Children
Patient Stories Jan 17, 2020

The one question that can help identify depression in teens

Katie Lott Writer

Signs of anxiety and depression are often missed — but this simple screening tool aims to fix that.

Karina car crash Children
Patient Stories Jan 03, 2020

After a horrific car accident, would Karina walk again?

Evan Solochek Writer

April 19, 2019. Good Friday. A tragic detour. A dynamic surgical duo. And one very lucky 17-year-old girl.

Large family
Patient Stories Nov 22, 2019

Kid Hero: Always room for one more

Samantha and Cameron Lins Foster and Adoptive Parents

Adoption is love and heartbreak simultaneously occurring in the same exact moment. Adoption is both a loss and a gain, but most importantly, adoption is, “For all future time; for always.”