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Tips Feb 22, 2019

Measles outbreak shows importance of getting your kids vaccinated

Renee Szafir, MD Pediatrician

The recent measles outbreak is a regrettable reminder to all of us of just how preventable this disease truly is when your child is vaccinated.

Nurse with child in hospital bed
Patient Stories Oct 03, 2018

The day that changed my view of the flu vaccine

Anita Braatz Guest Blogger

From a flu vaccination skeptic to a believer — almost losing her 3-year-old daughter made Anita Braatz rethink her view of the flu vaccination.

Tips Oct 01, 2018

Why the whole family should get the flu shot

David Meuler, MD Pediatrician

Everyone in the family (with the exception of infants less than 6 months of age) should get the flu vaccine — kids, parents and grandparents. It’s also important for pregnant women to get the vaccine to protect themselves and their babies.

Tips Aug 27, 2018

When it comes to kids, bats and rabies, it’s better to be safe than sorry

Jennifer Chevalier, MD Pediatrician

It can be terrifying when your child wakes up to find a bat fluttering above his or her bed in the dark. It’s also surprisingly common in late summer as newly flying young bats find their way into cracks and crevices of old houses and then zoom unexpectedly into living spaces. But the most nerve-wracking part of this Halloween-esque scene can be assessing your child’s risk of rabies exposure.

Doctor giving child a shot
Tips Aug 06, 2018

Why all kids need the HPV vaccine to prevent cancer

Yolanda Wolff, MD Pediatrician

The HPV vaccine protects girls and boys for a lifetime against a common virus that can cause many types of cancers.

Mother and son
Tips Jul 05, 2017

Risks of spacing or delaying vaccines in children

Boyd Miller, MD Pediatrician

Other than antibiotics, vaccines have saved more lives than any other medical invention in history. It’s always better to prevent disease than to treat it once a person is sick.

Doctoring giving baby vaccination shot
News May 29, 2015

Wisconsin vaccination rates improve 5 years in a row — good news for kids

Lyn Ranta, MD Director

In 2009, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin made a commitment to boost vaccination rates in our region. Our five-year immunization project had great results, with vaccination rates among 2-year-olds in our care and throughout the state improving every year for five years …

Woman holding child
Tips Jan 08, 2015

Think your child has the flu? Follow this advice

Barbara Calkins, MD Pediatrician

Parents are understandably on high alert. Why? Recent news stories have brought home just how serious this influenza (flu) season has become.