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Doctor with girl in examination room
Patient Stories Jul 26, 2018

Quick coordinated care: How Caroline got her spunk back

Katie Lott Writer

Quick action by her pediatricians and highly specialized care helped 10-year-old Caroline overcome an abdominal tumor.

Henry With Visitors
Patient Stories Dec 07, 2017

How a surgeon at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin is looking to change the way we treat appendicitis

Evan Solochek Writer

On a late Sunday afternoon in early August, after a long, hot weekend of playing and swimming and running around, 10-year-old Henry Copps came home for dinner complaining of a stomach ache. As active kids of that age are prone

Surgeons During Procedure
Patient Stories Aug 03, 2017

Parents trust Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin to disconnect half of child’s brain

J. Channing Tassone, MD Orthopedic Surgeon

After suffering an inexplicable stroke as an infant, Kade Lubner experienced debilitating seizures throughout his life.

Child in hospital bed with Elmo doll
Patient Stories Jan 12, 2017

Why the best care for kids includes caring for stuffed animals

Stacy Bobber, MSN, RN, CPN Former Clinic Supervisor

As a pediatric nurse for 12 years, it was exciting to see NBC Nightly News visit Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and highlight something we do here all the time for our patients to put them at ease.