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Team Survivors group shot
Patient Stories Aug 07, 2019

After beating cancer, a triathlon was a walk in the park for these nine kids

Evan Solochek Writer

Team Survivors and our Next Steps Survivorship Program helps kids transition to life after cancer.

Kids playing soccer
Tips Aug 27, 2018

What parents need to know about Wisconsin’s concussion law

Kevin Walter, MD Program Director

If your child plays school, youth or club sports in Wisconsin you’ve been impacted by Wisconsin Act 172 — though you might not know it.

Boy drinking water
Tips May 30, 2018

Keeping kids hydrated in the heat

Shayne Fehr, MD Sports Medicine Specialist

Summer weather means more beach days, more picnics and more outdoor fun with family and friends. But when temperatures and humidity levels spike, being outdoors can get uncomfortable — especially during exercise.

Young girl with a concussion
Tips Jan 03, 2017

How to tell if a child has a concussion

Kimberly Hornbeck, MD Sports Medicine Specialist

In the past, there has been a temptation for athletes to just “play through the pain,” but as we have learned, concussions are serious injuries and must be treated appropriately to decrease the risk of long-term effects.

Boy drinking water outside
Tips Aug 01, 2016

Sports nutrition can help young athletes step up their game

Heather Fortin RD, CSP, CD Clinical Dietitian

Playing sports requires a lot of preparation. There is of course all the physical training involved, loads of equipment, learning the rules of the game …

Boy climbing slide
Tips Sep 22, 2015

Parents beware: Everyday incidents can cause concussions in kids

Laura Gray, MD Pediatrician

The past few years have seen a drastically increased focus on concussions, their health effects, how to avoid them, and how to treat them.

Person Standing on Soccer Field
Patient Stories Jul 31, 2015

Sports mom shares her experience with concussion care at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Rana Altenburg Guest Blogger

I recently heard a statistic that an estimated 1 in 10 high school athletes will sustain a sports concussion during the season. Well, this past year, we became 1 of the 10.

Children in Sports
Tips May 16, 2014

How to keep young athletes off the DL this summer

Kyle Scharer, MS, LAT Operations Supervisor

Most of us have probably seen or heard the sad story of a kid who has to spend the whole summer on the sideline in a cast, sling, or on crutches while watching all the other kids run and play.