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Toddler sleeping in bed
Tips May 20, 2019

Losing sleep — Tips for getting your toddler to catch more zzz’s

Benjamin Landgraf, MD Pediatrician

For toddlers, bedtime problems are a common occurrence. Here are a few tips for getting your toddler to go to — and stay in — bed.

Mother kissing daughter goodnight
Tips Oct 26, 2017

How much sleep does a child need?

Susan Light, MD Pediatrician

Everybody knows that getting a baby to sleep can be tough. But as kids get older, they often face new challenges when it comes to getting enough sleep.

Box with baby supplies
Patient Stories Apr 15, 2017

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin thinks ‘inside the box’ to promote safe sleeping

Hilary Dickinson Writer

At least one Wisconsin infant dies every week in an unsafe sleep environment. In order to address this preventable tragedy, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Community Services is piloting an initiative to distribute “Newborn Nests” to parents in need of a safe place for their babies to sleep.

Baby sleeping in crib and woman holding her head
Tips Sep 01, 2016

Answering questions about safe sleep for babies and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)

Jason Jarzembowski, MD, PhD Interim Medical Director

I had the opportunity recently to talk on our Facebook page about safe sleep for babies and answer questions from parents about a wide range of topics, including the ABC’s of safe sleep, crib bumpers and sudden infant death syndrome.