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Raynah at the Neurosciences Center at Children
Patient Stories Jan 23, 2020

When a young girl lost the ability to talk, doctors made a shocking discovery

Evan Solochek Writer

One morning, 11-year-old Raynah suddenly lost the ability to move or talk.

Karina car crash Children
Patient Stories Jan 03, 2020

After a horrific car accident, would Karina walk again?

Evan Solochek Writer

April 19, 2019. Good Friday. A tragic detour. A dynamic surgical duo. And one very lucky 17-year-old girl.

Lucy was first kid to get new SMA treatment at Children
Patient Stories Jul 24, 2019

A new gene therapy gives hope to kids with a previously untreatable disease

Evan Solochek Writer

Prior to 2016, there was no treatment for spinal muscular atrophy. Now a groundbreaking gene therapy is giving kids a new lease on life.

Kyu saying goodbye at Children
Videos Jun 10, 2019

Kyu heads home after brain surgery

Evan Solochek Writer

Just two days after brain surgery, 5-year-old Kyu was heading home. But first he had to say goodbye to all his friends he had made at the hospital.