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Teenager vaping
News Feb 04, 2020

New York Magazine: Who Thought Sucking on a Battery Was a Good Idea? Vaping is a health crisis that’s only just begun.

Children's Wisconsin Media Relations

New York Magazine writes about how doctors at Children's Wisconsin prompted a nationwide conversation on vaping.

Expressive therapies at Children
Videos Jan 13, 2020

Art, dance/movement and music therapy at Children's Wisconsin

Children's Wisconsin

From music to art to dance, our Expressive Therapies team helps kids navigate their health care experience.

News Jan 10, 2020

CBS Evening News: Hospitals see surge of babies with the respiratory illness RSV

Children's Wisconsin Media Relations

Dr. Michael Meyer and a patient family speak to CBS Evening News about the rise of RSV.

Micah meets his liver donor at Children
Videos Jan 06, 2020

Micah meets the man who saved his life

Evan Solochek Writer

A few weeks after receiving a liver transplant, Micah met the man who gave him the gift of life.