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Homemade mask instructions Children
Videos Mar 29, 2020

Making a mask video tutorial

Kim Schroeder Occupational Therapist

Video instructions for how to make a homemade mask.

Making and donating a mask to Children
Tips Mar 26, 2020

How to make a mask

Chris Casey, OTR Occupational Therapist

Guidelines and instructions for making masks for Children's Wisconsin.

Tips Mar 06, 2020

Coronavirus: What you need to know as a parent

Frank Zhu, MD Medical Director

Here are the basics on what coronavirus is and how you can help prevent its spread.

Black History Month Children
News Feb 28, 2020

Celebrating Black History Month

Children's Wisconsin

Earlier this month, 11 African-American providers, caregivers and leaders were nominated to be recognized for their contributions to Children’s Wisconsin and the community.