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Quarantine Tips and Tricks COVID-19 Children
Tips Mar 18, 2020

Staying busy during a COVID-19 quarantine

Child Life Team

Some tips to help your kids — and you! — navigate a COVID-19 self-isolation.

Talking with kids about COVID-19 Children
Tips Mar 16, 2020

How to talk to kids about COVID-19

Jenny Walczak, PsyD Clinical Director

It's important for an adult to help children process the information they are seeing or hearing and these tips can help you talk to your child about COVID-19.

Tips Mar 06, 2020

Coronavirus: What you need to know as a parent

Frank Zhu, MD Medical Director

Here are the basics on what coronavirus is and how you can help prevent its spread.

CBS News Dr. Meyer RSV story Children
News Jan 10, 2020

CBS Evening News: Hospitals see surge of babies with the respiratory illness RSV

Children's Wisconsin Media Relations

Dr. Michael Meyer and a patient family speak to CBS Evening News about the rise of RSV.