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The Herma Heart Institute at Children
News May 31, 2019

Volumes and transparency: Why they matter to pediatric heart patients

Jeanne James, MD Medical Director and Chief of Pediatric Cardiology

A recent New York Times article on a pediatric heart program in another state highlights the importance of volumes on surgical outcomes.

Dr. Ronald Woods with patient BrentLee
News Apr 18, 2019

Groundbreaking surgery saves young boy's life at Herma Heart Institute

Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Media Relations

On May 22, 2017, Dr. Ronald Woods did something that had never been done before to save a young boy's life.

Patient Stories Feb 27, 2019

The 17 questions every parent should ask their child’s cardiologist

Evan Solochek Writer

To help assist parents facing a congenital heart defect, the Pediatric Congenital Heart Association with the help of Herma Heart Institute at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin has designed a Guided Questions Tool.

Doctor with VR goggles and heart rendering
Patient Stories Nov 01, 2018

New virtual reality brings pediatric heart defects to life

Evan Solochek Writer

As you slip the virtual reality headset on, you are suddenly transported. At first it’s exhilarating, even overwhelming, and you’re not sure how to maneuver through this foreign, virtual world. But it doesn’t take long for the weight of the controllers in your hands or the pressure on your temples from the headset to melt away.

Heart Summit poster
Patient Stories Oct 22, 2018

The week Milwaukee was the heart of the medical world

Evan Solochek Writer

To put it plainly, the Herma Heart Institute is an international leader in congenital heart care. This reputation is built upon two foundational principals: positive outcomes for patients and continuing education for providers. Both of these priorities were on display over two days in the middle of October.

Baby with doctor
Patient Stories Sep 25, 2018

An innovative surgery gave new hope for a baby born with two tracheas

Michelle Jackson Writer

Julissa Ulloa-Lopez is a healthy 1-year-old who likes to be heard as much as she likes to be held. “You could say she is a momma’s girl,” said her mother, Ruth Lopez Deleon. “She wants to be with me all the time, and she is always touching my face to make sure I’m really there.” Julissa’s extra-close connection with her mother just might be the result of the difficult path they’ve walked together toward Julissa’s health.

Christina Celebrating
News Sep 08, 2018

20-year-old Milwaukee woman becomes first in U.S. to return home with a mobile Berlin Heart

After more than a year since being admitted to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, a Wisconsin woman, Christina, went home in September. She was the first patient in the United States to go home with a mobile Berlin Heart, a device that operates outside her body to assist blood flow to the heart.

Herma Heart Institute
Patient Stories Sep 05, 2018

Family travels across the country to get the best heart care for their son

Evan Solochek Writer

Juggling a terrifying diagnosis for Alex with two other children to care for and the prospects of a cross-country flight and a multi-week trip, Charlie said they needed the “stars to align” to make everything work. At Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, they aligned.