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Katja Kovacic, MD, gastroenterologist at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin
Jun 17, 2019

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin pioneers “shocking” new treatment for chronic stomach pain

Katie Lott Writer

For kids suffering with chronic stomach pain, a non-medical treatment pioneered at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin offers hope.

Patient Stories Oct 29, 2018

Second opinion brings relief to teen suffering with GI issues

Nicole Sweeney Etter Writer

Gabe had always been a strong, healthy kid who rarely even caught a cold. At 5’10”, 240 lbs., he was a dedicated athlete who was excited to start his sophomore year playing offensive lineman for his high school football team. But as the fall of 2016 rolled on, something changed.

Family in the Kitchen
Tips Nov 02, 2017

How to enjoy a gluten-free Thanksgiving

Douglas Zabrowski, MD Gastroenterologist

It’s the day we all anticipate as we invite friends and family, set the table and plan a menu of favorite foods. But for my patients with celiac disease and their parents, the Thanksgiving table presents a dilemma — which Thanksgiving foods are safe?

Girl sitting
Tips Jul 21, 2017

Kids and constipation: How to keep things moving

Manu Sood, MD Gastroenterologist

People avoid talking about constipation, but it’s a common problem in kids, especially those ages 2-4 who are potty training. Constipation can happen in summertime, as kids tend to play outside and get dehydrated, forgetting to drink and replace fluids.

Newborn baby yawning
Tips Jun 05, 2017

Newborn baby spit-up: What parents need to know

Margaret Friedhoff, APNP Nurse Practitioner

As a parent, chances are you’ve seen it or have even worn it on your shirt: spit-up. Sometimes, it may feel as if your baby spits up everything they’ve just been fed, and after every meal! Spit-up is a common occurrence in babies, but if there are other symptoms, it’s important to check in with your pediatrician.

Girl with glass of milk
Tips Apr 22, 2015

Lactose intolerance is the new normal

B Li, MD Gastroenterologist

Years ago while doing my training in gastroenterology, I performed the very first lactose breath test for my university in a 32-year-old volunteer who often drank milk and ate ice cream.

Toddler holding toilet lid
News Feb 06, 2015

The straight poop: How bugs in your bowel affect your health

B Li, MD Gastroenterologist

“Poop,” my 2-year-old granddaughter says enthusiastically. “Me. Look … Woooow!” She’s acquired the curiosity bug and wants to view the poop before it’s flushed away.