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Young boy with diabetes getting his blood sugar levels checked
News Oct 15, 2019

Research looks to end mystery around Type 1 diabetes

Ashley Cobert Writer

What if probiotics could potentially save your child from a lifetime of Type 1 diabetes?

8-year-old Orion looks on while his mom uses a Children’s Wisconsin mobile app to help manage his diabetes
Patient Stories Oct 12, 2017

How mobile technology is improving care for millennial families at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Katie Lott Writer

At age 10, Safa needed a tonsillectomy at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. During pre-surgery meetings with their doctor, Safa’s parents were given instructions on when she should stop eating, when to arrive for surgery and what to expect.

Patient Stories Jun 06, 2016

The faces of diabetes

Hilary Dickinson Writer

What would diabetes look like if it had a face? Shari Liesch, an advanced practice nurse, posed that question to 254 patients with type 1 diabetes ages 4 to 18 as a way to better understand their experiences with the autoimmune disease.