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Pile of newspapers
News Apr 11, 2019

Project Ujima helps mother deal with grief

Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Media Relations

After a homicide, families of the victim are left to grapple with many unexpected challenges.

Wall of paintings
Patient Stories Feb 14, 2019

For young survivors of violence, Project Ujima uses art to help them heal

Nicole Sweeney Etter Writer

For more than two decades, Project Ujima’s work has been driven by a singular goal: to stop the cycle of violent crimes that takes a toll on far too many of Milwaukee’s children, families and neighborhoods.

Doors at Children
News Sep 27, 2018

Dad’s thoughtful apology goes viral on Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin’s Facebook page

Dan Langlois and his son have been at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin numerous times for medical visits. However, one day, Dan looked back at the doors they had exited, took a picture and captured his very thoughts he was feeling.

News Jun 04, 2018

Trauma-focused social workers to stop downward spiral in Milwaukee

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin’s Community Service department trauma-informed care efforts are highlighted as filling the need for more trauma-responsive social workers.