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Two kids sledding in winter Children
Tips Feb 06, 2020

Hot tips for preventing frostbite

Barb Riordan, BSN, RN Burn Program

With the frigid temperatures of Wisconsin winters, frostbite can happen quickly if you’re not dressed properly.

Cheerleading and sports medicine safety at Children
Tips Feb 03, 2020

What Netflix’s “Cheer” gets right — and wrong — about young athletes

Tanner Flatland Licensed Athletic Trainer

There is much to enjoy about the new cheerleading docuseries “Cheer.” But there are some cringeworthy parts, too.

Young boy playing with battery-operated toy Children
Tips Dec 12, 2019

Magnets, batteries and the potential dangers of holiday toys

Maureen Luetje, DO Emergency Physician

Batteries and magnets can make toys fun, they also pose potential injury risk.

Lynn DAndrea Louella Amos Michael Meyer Michael Gutzeit
News Sep 25, 2019

Kaiser Health News: Meet the health officials who alerted the world to the alarming vaping illness

Children's Wisconsin Media Relations

Kaiser Health News tells the story of how doctors alerted the world to the alarming vaping illness

Teen vaping
News Jul 26, 2019

Teens hospitalized with lung damage after reportedly vaping

Children's Wisconsin Media Relations

In July 2019, eight teenagers were hospitalized at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin with seriously damaged lungs.

Patient Stories Jul 16, 2019

Protecting youth from HIV for three decades

Nicole Sweeney Etter Writer

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin has been on the leading edge of HIV care and prevention since 1991.

Teen being seen by a doctor
Patient Stories Jul 03, 2019

How five questions can help save a troubled teen's life

Katie Lott Writer

Since 2018, all kids age 11 and up are given the Ask Suicide-Screening Questions screening when they come to our Emergency Department.

Mom applying sunscreen to daughter
Tips Jul 01, 2019

Chemical vs. mineral — breaking down the sunscreen controversy

Sharyl Paley, MD Pediatrician

Sunscreen is an important tool for protecting kids from the negative effects of sun exposure. Let’s break the controversy down so you can feel confident using sunscreen.

Little girl hiking
Tips Jun 25, 2019

Bug off: How to prevent and treat bug bites

Ellen Shen, DO Pediatrician

Some of the most enjoyable parts of summer in Wisconsin can be ruined by bugs. With a few preventative measures and tips for treating bug bites and stings when they do happen, you and your family can enjoy your time outside.

Lynn Sheets, MD, medical director of child advocacy and protective services at Children’s Wisconsin
News Apr 03, 2019

New infant abuse prevention bill based on work of Children's Wisconsin doctor

Children's Wisconsin Media Relations

Based on the work of Dr. Lynn Sheets, U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin announced a new bill that would help reduce cases of infant abuse in the United States.

Milwaukee City Hall
News Mar 26, 2019

Children’s Hospital doctor discusses lead exposure in kids

Children's Wisconsin Media Relations

The number of children being hospitalized with severe lead poisoning in Milwaukee continues to increase, says doctor.

Kid taking opioids
Tips Mar 25, 2019

Opioids and kids: Facts and fictions

Evan Solochek Writer

The daily news reports about the current opioid epidemic can be scary, but the truth is there are many misconceptions about these important pain relieving drugs.

Baby getting buckled into car seat
Tips Sep 20, 2018

Car safety: What parents need to know about car seats

Libbe Slavin Coordinator

So, what difference does it make if a child’s car seat is rear-facing or forward-facing? A big difference, in fact. Using the correct car or booster seat can help decrease the risk of death or serious injury by more than 70 percent. That’s why car seat safety is constantly being evaluated and laws being updated.

Tips Jun 26, 2018

Fireworks and kids: How to stay safe this summer

Libbe Slavin Coordinator

Watching fireworks displays is one of the joys of summer holidays, but home fireworks are dangerous. In fact, more than 3,000 children under age 15 go to the emergency room every year as a result of fireworks injuries.

Teen with a Pill
Tips Jun 25, 2018

Top causes of teen poisoning

Jillian Theobald, MD, PhD Toxicologist

Being a teenager has never been easy, but the substances that are readily available to teens these days pose a special hazard. Some teens and tweens are searching for ways to experiment with drugs and finding dangerous options online.

Girl and doctor in ER
Tips Mar 02, 2018

Top reasons kids visit the ER at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

David Brousseau, MD Emergency Medicine Specialist

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin’s emergency room saw more than 70,000 children last year — and our ER is specially designed for kids and teens.