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Team Survivors group shot
Patient Stories Aug 07, 2019

After beating cancer, a triathlon was a walk in the park for these nine kids

Evan Solochek Writer

Team Survivors and our Next Steps Survivorship Program helps kids transition to life after cancer.

Ian with Dr. David Margolis
Videos May 20, 2019

Go Bucks Go!

Evan Solochek Writer

Learn how Dr. Dave Margolis' Bucks playoff hair coloring tradition helped inspire the recovery of one of his patients.

Girl with monitoring equipment
Videos Nov 20, 2018

Jayla gets her NG tube out

Evan Solochek Writer

After a year of treatment, Jayla celebrated getting her NG tube out for the last time.

Boy standing in front of MAAC Fund Center
Patient Stories Aug 22, 2018

Clinical trials give kids with cancer renewed hope

Evan Solochek Writer

In October 2016, then 11-year-old Joseph Shapiro was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML), a rare form of cancer that affects the bone marrow and blood. He went through the standard chemotherapy treatment protocol at a distinguished hospital in Chicago and after 5 months of inpatient chemotherapy, his treatment was complete. One year later, the cancer was back.

Amber Pflughoeft Studying
News Jun 06, 2018

Children's Hospital became this girl's school. But on Sunday, she graduates with her West Bend class

Amber Pflughoeft was diagnosed with bone cancer nine years ago, and has been undergoing treatment at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin since then. In 2018, she graduated from West Bend West High School.

Teacher and patient
Patient Stories Jun 04, 2018

A unique program brings the classroom to the hospital room

Katie Lott Writer

Amber was first admitted to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin as a fifth grader. She immediately began treatment at the MACC Fund Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders.

13-year-old Emanuel found virtual reality to be a welcome distraction during a recent procedure at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin
News Oct 11, 2017

For children with cancer or blood disorders, virtual reality may be an effective way to reduce anxiety and distress

Hilary Dickinson Writer

All around Emanuel Monge was bright blue water and rainbow-colored fish. Smiling sea lions passed by, as gray whales soared overhead. Dancing dolphins bobbed above an array of artifacts from a shipwreck long ago.

Man lifting boy to basketball hoop
Patient Stories Mar 07, 2017

Wheelchair basketball players inspire young patients at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Evan Solochek Writer

As the rubbery squeaks and bounces of basketballs echoed throughout the lobby of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, 11-year-old Cole Wagner approached slowly.