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2020 Census Children
News Feb 27, 2020

Why the 2020 Census matters to kids

Smriti Khare, MD Executive Vice President

The 2020 Census is safe, easy and so important for our communities and children.

Pile of newspapers
News Feb 10, 2020

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: "His life was saved because Wisconsin required testing babies for 'bubble boy disease.'"

Children's Wisconsin Media Relations

How one family turned the tragic death of their son into a campaign to save others.

Teenager vaping
News Feb 04, 2020

New York Magazine: "Who Thought Sucking on a Battery Was a Good Idea?"

Children's Wisconsin Media Relations

New York Magazine writes about how doctors at Children's Wisconsin prompted a nationwide conversation on vaping.

Teen vaping
News Sep 25, 2019

In danger of addicting a new generation: How Wisconsin can protect its youth

Anoop Singh, MD Cardiologist

There is a bill in the Wisconsin State Capitol, known as Tobacco 21, that will raise the minimum sale age of all tobacco products from 18 to 21 years old.