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Teenager vaping

Wall Street Journal: ‘The bells start going off.’ How doctors uncovered the vaping crisis.

“Children’s Hospital officials and Wisconsin health authorities considered the vaping threat serious enough to merit public announcement. On July 25, they held a news conference and issued an alert warning about vaping-associated lung illness.

The notice started a chain of events that prompted doctors, nurses and health authorities to recognize they had hundreds of similar patients. Once authorities began to issue warnings about a new lung illness, doctors saw its shadow everywhere.” 

In July 2019, a collaborative group of providers from Children’s Wisconsin discovered a cluster of patients that was in the hospital with severe lung injury potentially due to vaping. They decided to warn the community about a possible danger of vaping. Little did they know that this would become a national issue. The Wall Street Journal wrote about how these doctors prompted a nationwide conversation.

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The Wall Street Journal also featured a story from Dr. Jennifer Schreiber who describes her patient's terrifying case of lung injury linked to vaping. Read the full story.

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