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Teenager vaping

New York Magazine: "Who Thought Sucking on a Battery Was a Good Idea?"

“'I think the one-liner was the exact same for three patients in a row,' Carroll said. 'That starts to raise some eyebrows.' Whatever caused their illnesses wasn’t sudden. They had all been sick for a couple of weeks before something tipped them over into severe respiratory distress, breathing 40 or 50 times a minute. 'That rate for a teenager is very close to impending respiratory failure,' said Meyer...By the end of the weekend, D’Andrea said, she felt 'we need to let someone know. Someone is hurting our kids.'”  

In July 2019, a collaborative group of providers from Children’s Wisconsin discovered a cluster of patients that was in the hospital with severe lung injury potentially due to vaping. They decided to warn the community about a possible danger of vaping. Little did they know that this would become a national issue. New York Magazine wrote about how these doctors prompted a nationwide conversation about the dangers of vaping and how the issue is only beginning.

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