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Children's Connect - Take a tour, win prizes

nb112615After months of planning, design and testing, Children’s Connect is ready for a sneak peek!

Until Dec. 14, both the old and new intranet sites will be available for use. Everyone is encouraged to get familiar with the new site at On Monday, Dec. 14, the old site will be turned off and only the new site will be available.

Watch the video
to learn about the new features. A fun, online scavenger hunt will help you get familiar with the site. In three easy steps, you can take a tour of the site and enter into a drawing to win prizes. The Children’s Connect home page also includes a link to a quick tutorial video to help you learn more about what’s new or different on the site.

Children’s Connect will include many updates and enhanced features including a simpler, cleaner look; improved search function; easy navigation from any page; and the ability to save your personal bookmarks to your home page when you’re logged in. Many familiar features, like Quick News, Quick Links, directories and drop-down navigation tabs will still be available on the new site.

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