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$32 million reasons to say thank you (and a really cute way of saying it)

No matter where you work in Children’s Hospital, you know you’re working for the best children’s hospital in the state, and the No. 4 ranked pediatric hospital in the country. We provide the best care available in the region. We provide the programs that reach the most vulnerable kids in the community and we bring research from bench to bedside to help kids get better. For all of these reasons, we have passionate supporters in the community and beyond, and we’re excited to announce that we raised more than $32 million in 2014 to help achieve our mission of healthiest kids!

As an employee of Children’s, you help make us an organization worth supporting. As we advocate for Children’s as a leading cause in the community, the work we all do every single day helps us deserve that support.

Please enjoy this wonderful thank you to all those who support our mission, expressed by some of our kids who have been impacted by Children’s.

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