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Peggy Troy, CEO, named chair of Children’s Hospital Association

It was announced this week that Peggy Troy, CEO, Children’s Hospital Wisconsin, is the 2015 chair of the Children’s Hospital Association Board of Trustees. Peggy was selected for this role in part because of her broad and invaluable viewpoint, having worked on the frontlines of care as a nurse and in executive leadership roles.

Her appointment is a great opportunity because it expands our ability to ensure kids are never forgotten in the national health care debate. It also is a reminder of the strong reputation that both she and Children’s Hospital have here in Milwaukee and throughout the country.

In a press release issued by CHA, Peggy said, “It’s so important that we work together to protect the unique needs of children, especially those with complex medical conditions. This is a great opportunity to advocate for all children in order to improve access to quality care. We are the voice for more than 220 children’s hospitals across the country and collectively, we can protect, improve and advocate for the health of the children we serve.”

Peggy Troy2015 will be an exciting year for CHA as they work to improve the delivery systems in Medicaid and sustain financing for children’s health care by extending CHIP and protecting Medicaid for children. Peggy’s role will be to lead the board as they work together to transform quality, costs and care delivery.

Please join us in congratulating Peggy on this important and influential role.

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