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Log your flu shot (and all other wellness activity) to to earn credits

HealthyRewardsTagline_OLIf you’ve been tracking your Healthy Rewards participation (this includes getting your flu shot) since Sept. 1, 2014, remember you must log all that information to your Wellness Portal on the new website to earn credits for your activity. Sign in to and select the “My Activities” tab. Scroll through the list of available wellness activities and add the date you completed each activity, check the “I certify”/”I completed” box and click “Submit” to log your participation. The “Dashboard” on the right side of the screen will show your total credits and trophies earned.

If you forgot the date of your flu shot simply log in to Employee Self Service, and under the “My Health & Safety” section click “Health Card.” From there, scroll down to the “Immunization Details” section and click “View all.” You’re latest flu shot will be listed toward the bottom of that list of immunizations.

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