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Rosemary White-Traut honored for newborn research

Rosemary White-Traut, PhD, RN, FAAN, director of Nursing Research, has been honored for her contribution to newborn research by, a nonprofit group dedicated to the motor, sensory and communication development of babies and children. The annual Pathways Pioneer award honors outstanding individuals for their extraordinary commitment to infant development. whitetraut_rosemary_nb_12116

As the leader of nursing research, Dr. White-Traut guides a team that is dedicated to preventing disease and disability, supporting child development, enhancing child and family coping, providing effective management of a child’s symptoms and ensuring compassionate and supportive end-of-life palliative care.

Dr. White-Traut’s own research has focused on preemie and newborn care and development, including pain relief in newborns, premature infant feeding issues, assessment and management of newborn stressors, health problems of infants born prematurely, and the importance of multisensory intervention for improved growth and development.

She created an intervention to help mothers interact with their preterm infants through a twice-daily, 15-minute routine that includes talking, infant massage, eye-to-eye contact, swaddling and rocking. This therapy has been shown to offers a variety of benefits to premies, including better weight gain and length growth, faster discharge from the hospital and fewer medical visits after discharge.

“A robust nursing research program is just one way that we raise the level of the nursing care we provide, empowering our nurses to advocate for—and deliver—the best and safest care,” said Nancy Korom, Children’s chief nursing officer. “Dr. White-Traut leads our nurse researchers, helping us find better ways to treat children, while making them more comfortable in the process. She sets the example with her decades of research into newborn development, and I am delighted to see that work honored with this award.”

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