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For Marc, living well is all about family

MarcCadieux _NB_12116Family comes first for Marc Cadieux, Children’s chief financial officer. And it’s his strong desire to enjoy life with the ones he loves that inspires him to make health and wellness a priority.

On the journey to health, inner motivation is a powerful tool. Our “reasons” keep us focused on the big picture so we do the little things that make a difference to our health. 

Why do you want to live well?

Find your reasons and share your story at, including:

  • Photos of you and/or your co-workers pictured with your I Live Well card
    • Need an I Live Well card? Ask your leader to provide one, or call Employee Health and Wellness at (414) 266-2190
  • Photos of you doing something that illustrates how you live well
  • Stories about the inner motivation that keeps you working toward your health goals.

Get going today! Your photo could be featured in Daily Newsbreak. Watch for more Live Well updates and opportunities.

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