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Research in the transplant program

Not only does Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin provide life-saving transplants for children in need of heart, kidney and liver transplants, but it also conducts cutting-edge research to improve patients’ outcomes.

Patients and their families are invited to participate in clinical trials led by our own researchers at Children’s Hospital or offered through our collaborations with other leading transplant programs across the country. The hospital’s Institutional Review Board ensures that all studies are ethical and safe.

Recent clinical trials have included:

  • A pediatric liver database that follows children with liver disease, including those in need of liver transplant or those who have already had a transplant, to learn more about the disease and its clinical outcomes
  • Quality of life in pediatric transplant patients
  • Transition to home and chronic illness care after a solid organ transplant

Want to get involved? Find a list of all the current studies at Children’s Research Institute or learn more about research at Children’s Hospital:

  • Why pediatric research matters
  • An easier, more accurate way to predict transplant rejection
  • Institutional Review Board at Children’s Hospital
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