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Biofeedback is a treatment method that helps someone learn ways to control their body during stress. It can be helpful for anxiety, stress, and pain (headaches, abdominal pain, etc.). At Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, we use a painless sensor to monitor physical body responses (such as heart rate). Patients can see their body’s response on a screen and learn how to change it to calm the body. Through biofeedback, kids can learn how to relax their body through a variety of methods. Typically, the biofeedback service involves six, 50-minute sessions.

Follow-up to biofeedback treatment:

At completing biofeedback training, the provider will work with family and patient to find appropriate follow-up care which may include returning to the referring/initial provider or identification of community resources.

Who is appropriate for the biofeedback service?

  • Typically children 8 years or older
  • Children or adolescents with anxiety, pain (headaches, functional abdominal pain, etc.), and who have difficulty dealing with stress
  • Biofeedback would not be recommended for children/adolescents who have developmental delays, safety concerns, Obsessive compulsive disorder, unmanaged ADHD, severe behavioral issues, and/or several mental health diagnoses

Who provides biofeedback?

  • Various health care providers (psychologists, physicians, physical and occupational therapists, nurses, etc) can obtain training for Biofeedback therapy
    Practice may include only Biofeedback or biofeedback in conjunction with other therapy methods.
  • Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin has several providers trained in biofeedback therapy who are located in various clinics and throughout our hospital

How to request biofeedback?

  • It is recommended that you ask your pediatrician or current mental health provider if your child/adolescent could possibly benefit from biofeedback
  • A provider can request biofeedback by completing a form online
  • Family can call the Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine Clinic’s intake line (414) 266-3339 to request an intake for biofeedback 
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