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Palliative care

Helping improve the quality of life for children with life limiting or life threatening medical conditions and their families, while promoting comfort, love and respect

This program offers family-centered, compassionate care to children and families facing an advanced or life-threatening illness. The Palliative Care team strives to improve quality of life, attend to suffering, promote hope and dignity, and support families, children and staff. Palliative care aims to empower children and families with choices and control over their own health care. Palliative care can be provided alongside any other treatment that a child may receive.

The Palliative Care team works together with all specialists involved in the child’s care to develop a plan of care that is specific and tailored to each individual child’s needs and treatment goals.

Our mission

Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin’s Palliative Care program strives to enhance the quality of life for children with life limiting conditions, and their families, through compassionate care and the promotion of comfort, love, and respect.

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Everyone's journey is a little different...


Palliative care experts focus on what matters most to you and your child, one day at a time...

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