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Children's Hospital of Wisconsin offers support groups for kids who wear scoliosis braces and those who may need surgery. Below are videos discussing the support groups we offer.

Video: Scoliosis Brace Support Groups


Beth Wahlquist, a nurse in the orthopedic clinic, discusses our scoliosis brace support group forums. The Scoliosis Brace Support Group Meetings take place twice a year in April and October. Watch previously recorded meetings.

Video: Spine Fusion Support Groups


Tracie Brasch, a nurse in the orthopedic clinic, discusses our support groups for children who will be having a spinal fusion for conditions that require surgical stabilization. The Spinal Fusion Support Group Meetings take place every other month on a Wednesday evening. Watch previously recorded meetings.

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About our scoliosis care

Learn more about scoliosis by watching videos featuring our scoliosis specialists.