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Spina Bifida Program

The Spina Bifida Program at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin was created to serve pediatric patients with all levels of spina bifida and related conditions. Our goal is to help children with spina bifida stay healthy, gain independence and become confident in their abilities.

We rely upon the combined expertise and experience of pediatric neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, urologists and rehabilitation doctors to treat spina bifida. We feel strongly — and experience has shown — that our interdisciplinary approach provides the best possible chance for your child to successfully grow and to flourish. During clinic visits, each patient meets with a variety of specialists who address patient and family concerns, gather information, examine the child, review results and recommend a customized care plan that maximizes your child's quality of life.

Our specialists

  • Our Advanced Practice Nurse and clinic coordinator serves as an educator, case manager, advocate and consultant for all of our families. She provides prenatal counseling for families who know their baby will be born with spina bifida, and she assists with care management when patients are having a procedure or receiving care at the hospital. She also assists with coordinating appointments, triaging calls from parents, completing employment or insurance paperwork and referring patients to other specialties within Children’s Hospital. Contact her at (414) 266-2690.
  • Pediatric neurosurgeons perform the initial surgery and continue to monitor the spinal cord and brain.
  • Pediatric urologists work to protect kidney function and specialize in the urinary tract and bowel function.
  • Pediatric orthopedists specialize in problems of the bones, including the spinal column.
  • Physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists address issues related to growth and development, wheelchair positioning, bracing and seating.
  • Our social worker helps families cope and connect with community resources and government services.
  • Our dietician works with nutritional issues and problems related to growth, weight and provided education and counseling on daily nutritional choices.
  • A wheelchair specialist is also available.

Clinic appointments

Call (414) 266-4840 to make an appointment. The Spina Bifida Program sees patients in clinic on the second and third Tuesday of every month. We will make a reminder phone call before the clinic appointment or send a confirmation letter to your home prior to your appointment. You can find us on the first floor of the Clinics Building in Suite B140.

Spina bifida education and prevention

Education plays an important role in disease prevention. Our team participates in extensive outreach to educate the community about spina bifida and lifestyle factors that can help prevent neural tube disorders. We visit schools and community agencies and offer prenatal counseling for families who know their baby will be born with spina bifida.

To keep our patients’ families informed, we display a large communication board in our clinic to keep you up to date on the latest advances in treatment and care, as well as activities and announcements for families living with spina bifida. A representative from the Spina Bifida Wisconsin association intermittently attends clinic to share state wide resources with families.

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Contact us

To contact the Spina Bifida Program:

(414) 266-4840


(414) 266-2690

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