(414) 266-2000

Urgent Care & ER

Contact NICU

  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Milwaukee: (414) 266-8508
  • Physician Call Center (consults/referrals/transports): (414) 266-2460 or toll-free (800) 266-0366
  • For questions about NICU services, contact Sarah Currie, patient care director at (414) 266-4100 or
  • Breastfeeding support in Milwaukee: call (414) 266-1757 and leave a message. A lactation consultant will automatically be paged when a message is left.
  • Hospital operator: (414) 266-2000

If your child is currently receiving neonatal care at another hospital, consider getting a second opinion to help confirm the original diagnosis and discuss available treatment options. Get a second opinion.

Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
8915 W. Connell Ct.
PO Box 1997
Milwaukee, WI 53201-1997
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Macy's NICU story shared on Facebook

Macy’s NICU Story
Macy was born with TEF/EA - an esophageal atresia and a tracheosophageal fistula. Her parents, Adam and Molly, were generous enough to share the story of their daughter Macy's first few weeks of life on Facebook. Read their story and watch the video.