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MACC Schlitz Audubon Hike 2019 Registration

What: Summertime Wetlands Hike with Schlitz Audubon 
When: July 13th from 1:30pm – 3pm
Where: Schlitz Audubon (1111 East Brown Deer Road  Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53217) 
Details: Join the Young Adult Oncology Group for a hike down to our beautiful Lake Michigan shoreline with an additional stop at our upland pond. You (the patient) and 1 guest are welcome! Participants should dress casually. Please check in at the front desk in the Great Hall. 
Immunity/Release of Liability: In consideration of my (or my child’s) participation in this event, to the fullest extent permitted by law, I (and my child, if I am signing as a parent/guardian) release Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Inc., the Medical College of Wisconsin, any related corporation thereof and its employees, officers, agents, volunteers, directors, officers and/or representatives from any liability or claim for loss, injury or illness that , I (or my child) may sustain from participating in this event. I understand that there are risks associated with participating in this event, which may include: no known risks. I understand that this release applies to myself (or my child) and my (or my child’s) personal representatives, heirs and assigns, and that this release excludes any harm or loss caused intentionally or recklessly. I (and my child) also waive the right I (or my child) have to bargain for different release of liability terms. I understand that participation in this event is strictly voluntary and agree to the terms above.