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Heart Safe School Girl Scouts Patch Program

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There's a new patch for Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast to strive for: the Project ADAM Heart Safe School Patch.

In partnership with the Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast, Project ADAM is proud to offer a patch program that will ensure schools are prepared for a sudden cardiac arrest event. 

Junior Girl Scout troops and above can receive the patch by:

  • Partnering with their local school to receive the Heart Safe School designation, or
  • Helping their school maintain the requirements for the Heart Safe School designation

How does my troop get started with the Heart Safe School Patch Program?

  1. Determine whether your troop's school is designated as a Heart Safe School. You can visit Project ADAM's heart safe school map to see if your school/school district has achieved Heart Safe School designation.
  2. Pick up a tool kit from the Girl Scout Resource Center. This tool kit will guide your troop through six activities that will either earn or maintain your school's Heart Safe School designation. 
  3. Turn in the feedback form to Project ADAM. Once received, Project ADAM will send you a supply of free Project ADAM Heart Safe School patches for your troop!

Questions on the Heart Safe School Patch Program?

Project ADAM is available to help you along the journey. For any questions, contact Tracie Haugen, Project ADAM Coordinator. 

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