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Project ADAM Wisconsin Support:

  1. CPR/AED grants are available to provide funds to help schools cover the cost of working towards Heart Safe School designation.
  2. Download the application to get started.

Freemason Lodges and Masonic Foundation partnership: 

Since inception of Project ADAM, we have worked closely with Freemasons and their lodges across the state of Wisconsin to fund AED projects in schools. Using a matching grant process, local lodges have helped raised funds to support school AED projects. Once a lodge has secured their half of the AED cost, the project funding is completed by the Wisconsin Masonic Foundation, up to $800. In the near future, we plan to hit the $1 Million Contribution Mark of placing AEDs in schools.

Freemason Lodges and Masonic Foundation PartnershipThe Masonic Foundation is responsible for processing the Medical Matching Grant forms and communicating the outcome of the matching funding request. If the project is approved, a check for the full amount of the AED project is mailed to the lodge.

Masonic AED donation paperwork:

Once the AED project is complete, we celebrate with a placement ceremony! Thank you to the Freemason Lodges across the state that have generously given to school AED projects.

Got AED partnership:

Visit GotAED to set up a crowdfunding campaign. GotAED is dedicated to getting AEDs in places where kids learn and play. In minutes, your campaign will be up and you can begin notifying your network. Once you reach your goal, we’ll ship an AED and cabinet to your doorstep. If you have any questions, contact Samantha at

CPR Resources

All community members, school staff, parents and coaches should learn CPR and how to use an AED.

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