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EDTC safety, quality and outcomes

Our safety and quality reports help families and partner providers make the most informed health care decisions for the benefit of their children and patients. We follow the Institute of Medicine's Six Dimensions of Care to structure our quality improvement efforts.

To provide feedback, or for more information on our quality data, email us or call (414) 266-6556.

Volumes and quality

The emergency department at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin is the busiest in the state, caring for more than 40,000 new patients every year.

In 2017, 71,422 unique patients received emergency care from us.

We want our patients and families to have the best care experience possible. To continue to provide excellent care, we ask our guests to fill out a survey rating their care experience. The rating scale ranges from 0 to 10 where 0 is the worst experience and 10 is the best. We strive to achieve a 9 or 10 rating from every patient and family that chooses our care which is represented in the graph below.

Pain control

When a child comes to the emergency room, staff members do everything they can to make sure they are as comfortable as possible. We measure pain scores by using a chart with facial expressions indicating pain severity. A smiling face is equivalent to a score of zero which indicates no pain and a score of 10 shows a sad face in intense pain. These scores are assessed for all our patients, including infants, to determine the best and most comfortable care approach. The data below shows the percentage of families that answered “Yes, definitely, to the survey question, “Do you think the emergency room staff did everything they could to help control your child’s pain?”

  • In 2017, 80 percent of patient families felt that our ED staff did everything they could to control their child’s pain.

Patient discharge

Many of our emergency room visits do not require a hospital admission. Our goal is to discharge kids who are not admitted to the hospital within 2.5 hours. This timeline ensures that kids are seen and treated in a timely manner, reduces stress, discomfort and wait times for the child and allows our staff to care for more patients.

  • In 2017, 63 percent of patients that did not require a hospital stay were discharged with 2.2 hours of their arrival to the ER.

Hospital admissions

Children admitted to the hospital need to receive the specialty care they need as soon as possible. We have set standards to establish patient admissions to the hospital within 4.5 hours of their arrival to the ER. This time frame gives the child faster access to the specialty area team needed to treat their condition.

Immunization verification

The best way to protect children from serious disease is to make sure they are current on their immunizations, which keeps them healthy. When a child comes to Children’s, we make sure your child is up-to-date on all of their vaccines.

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